About the People

Melody is a soon to be graduate of Belmont University looking for her future career in all kinds of places. She works a few part time jobs at a few different places and generally enjoys life with her boyfriend (Ben), dog (Abby), friends and family. She has always loved reading, writing and dogs so a blog about her life with her dog seemed a natural choice. She also enjoys outings with her dog to local dog parks, restaurants, and pet shops and is prone to spending too much money on things Abby thinks smell good, especially when Ben is out of town and they get extra bored. :)

Ben is the product of a complete Montessori education (12 years!) This means he's very good at learning how to do things on his own (i.e. videography, stock trading) but not very good at things other kids learned in school (i.e. geography.) He managed to beat the rest of us college kids by not spending thousands of dollars on a piece of paper called a degree and landing a great job anyway. He currently travels with a country artist taking photos, giving backstage tours, shooting behind the scenes video, and his favorite job, ordering after show food. When he's not on the road, he enjoys playing video games and entertaining Melody and Abby with his delicious food and strange behavior. ;)