About the Animals

Abby is a Dalmatian/Great Pyrenees mix with an incredibly sweet personality. She was rescued on December 11, 2009 from the Nashville Humane Association where the nice people there had given her the horrible name of (shudder) Dottie! Since arriving at her new home she has become a well adjusted and well mannered puppy. Her pet parents, Ben and Melody, spent lots of time training their new puppy and thanks to Cesar Millan's great advice, she remains an easily trainable and agreeable dog. She enjoys accompanying her mom to work at a doggie day care where she has lots of rambunctious friends and taking a break with dad on the couch. She also enjoys all of the local dog parks and visiting Belmont's campus where she's particularly fond of the media labs. She is always ready to sit for a treat and loves meeting new people and dogs, preferably one on one.

Dixie is a pocket beagle with a big personality! She was found on the side of a road and was taken in by her mom's aunt. She belongs to Melody's brother and sister-in-law. She found her way into her mom and dad's hearts right before their wedding in January of 2009. Since then, her mom and dad have worked with her to help her overcome her anxiety issues. The recent addition of a trainer has helped her with apprehension about strange humans. While she loves playing with her best friend, Abby, the dog park is not her favorite place. She would rather find a safe and warm spot on the couch next to one of her favorite people. Her dad often calls her the mountain beagle since she loves to perch on furniture and crawl into small spaces.