Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why blog? Why now?

As a journalism major, I'm told I need to do certain things. This blog is one of those things. It's an online medium to express opinions, share ideas and provide useful information to a specific audience. Ideally, the audience is one I can relate to and since I'm close to not being a college student and not quite a professional anything (anybody else hearing that Britney song?) I had to find something else. So, I settled on my dog, Abby,  and our adventures in Nashville. Right now I work three part time jobs and go to school. It might not seem like I have much time to spend with my puppy but I'm blessed to work in places where she can visit. One is a doggie day care and the other is an on campus job where people just don't seem to question her presence. My third job is retail and unfortunately I don't think they would appreciate her fur. :)
Since I'm graduating soon, I get asked all the time what I want to do when I'm done. The answer is I'm not really sure, and lately I've started saying I don't really care as long as I can bring my dog to work with me. And that is 100% the truth. I love going places with my dog and I'm learning more and more that Nashville is a pretty easy city to enjoy together. What my future looks like career wise, I'm not so sure, but I do know that with Abby and Ben (seen above lounging on the couch together) life is sure to be exciting.

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